My Delta508 and Diabetes

Well with me it was a very funny one. I wasn’t diagnosed until i was one year old, and the diabetes didn’t come along until i was 11. Everyone was saying how there was no possible way i even had cystic fibrosis, most of the people who my mum took me to see said the same thing, it was just a virus. But on i started getting worse and worse and was getting very skinny. So skip a long story short, i was brought in to hospital after my 1st birthday and was diagnosed then, oh and also double pneumonia, yep. Double. I was in hospital for two weeks then it goes from there. My parents never even heard of Cystic Fibrosis before they found out, so it was obviously a pretty big shock. Years went by and i must say i did pretty well, until i turned around 13/14. I was such a moody teen that all i wanted to do was to hang with friends and miss taking pills and physio. Whilst most of my friends smoked, i would become very poorly and need IV treatment more often. At the age of 13 i was becoming very depressed with it all and stopped doing most things for my health. Which now in later life, me being 18 and engaged, i regret missing everything deeply. I honestly wish i could turn the clock round and do it all right. BUT HEY HO life goes on! I started taking insulin when i was 11, and i found that pretty hard as i was quite  underweight and didn’t have a lot of fat. The diabetes actually happened from taking steroids. Which apparently that happens quite often! So here i am at 18, taking how many pills a day, doing 25 minutes of exercise and physio also. I must admit it is quite hard and frustrating at times, but all i think of when i have negative thoughts about it is the future. I look to the future and think how i will be so thankful to myself that i did do my physio that day, or i took my nighttime pills even when i was shattered. I will be posting another post soon about mental health and where mine is at the moment! And also some tips on how to keep positive in the darkest of times. L x

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