Out of hospital! 

I came home the next day thankfully! I was so nervous I was going to have to stay in longer. I’m on home IV antibiotics now for another week, so hopefully that will boost me up in time for my holiday! IV antibiotics always makes me so tired though, if I go out I have to come back after 15 minutes from being shattered and normally coughing my head off. It’s annoying coughing in public as most people tend to stare. They obviously don’t know I have Cystic Fibrosis but it’s still verh difficult for me. It’s not like I can go around with a big sign on my head saying I have Cystic Fibrosis please stop thinking your going to catch something. It’s very frustrating at times and that sometimes makes me cough even more. But when I’m well I hardly cough at all! So I’m looking forward to getting back on track again. I think this time getting poorly has really affected me in different ways. I was doing everything I could possibly do. Like my physio, exercise, pills, everything! And to get poorly really has made me feel a lot more depressed about it all. But I’m trying to look forward and upwards! I just can’t wait to relax on holiday for a week! Hopefully I won’t be having to go on IVs for a while. I’m aiming for about a month and a half to start with, then aim higher! ⭐️😌 L x 

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