My Port story…

My port story wasn’t exactly a ride in the park, and isn’t for everyone! I had mine fitted in my left arm when i was 15. It was the 5th of February and i was still with my pediatric team in Leeds. I was going in to hospital for a course of IV treatment, but i was going to be having the medicine through a long line… i thought anyway. I had the “magic cream” put on both my hands and both my arms. I was thinking how i am so used to having a long line so it will be a breeze and i will finish my IVs at home.But once they took the “magic cream” off, little did i know i would be having a port fitted the next day.By the way, for people who do not know what “magic cream” is, its an antiseptic cream that completely numbs all the area up to 20 minutes! Anyway, i was sitting on the hospital bed and waiting for it to be over within 10 minutes! First try…second..third..and a whole lot more tries, enough to make my right hand turn black, and also my right upper arm. |I was starting to get very stressed and upset by the time an hour had gone by. They left me for 5 minutes to have one last go and if that wasn’t going to work, they would put a portacath in the next morning. I honestly thought that would never happen and it would easily go in when i went back into the room..I line didn’t even go in. They got the needle in, but the line was just not budging! So they told me about coming back tomorrow to get a portacath fitted and stay in for a couple of nights. I honestly was so scared, i never had a operation before that one. I got home and i could not get back to sleep. I was just looking up at the ceiling so scared and thinking all the doom and gloom.I had to get up at 4am the next day and be there by 5am. I got everything packed and i was so scared, But by this time i was that poorly i just wanted the IVs to start working! I was going in for the portacath at 11am and i think i came round at about 2:30pm. When i was walking to the operation room i took my dad with me as i wanted him there more than anyone. He was trying to make me laugh still and try to put a smile on my face. I layed down on the table and waited as they put the canula in my hand ( the one that was bruised and hurt so bad!) and  i saw this white liquid being pushed into the canula, my last memory after that was dad stroking my head. I finally woke up and my throat was so sore! But i was glad it was all over. I was really intrigued to see what it looked like, but it was all covered up in plasters and dressings. Two weeks went by and i could finally see it! they took the bandage off and it was so big on my arm! i had hardly any fat on my arm, so i was so so self conscious of it! I was told it was small and you can hardly see it, but it looked massive on my arm. I was quite upset at this point and tried everything to hide it. But was i got older i embraced it! I tried to always remember that this is such a better option than a long line, and it makes me who i am. I still get a little self conscious of it, but then i remember that it helps me when i am poorly and its a good conversation starter! Anyway, that is my story of how i got my port! Hope you enjoyed it! L x

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