Health update 😌

So whilst I’m out here I have a really bad cough, and I’m out of breath from walking for a minute. I emailed my CF doctor and they told me I am still growing aspergillis. I’m a little upset that I’ve done everything I can to prevent this but hey ho. Its frustrating sometimes when you do the very best and it still isn’t good enough! But when I’m back home hopefully I can try some different medication and I will be back to my normal awkward self again! Atleast I can try and relax for the rest of my holiday! β˜€οΈ L x 

2 thoughts on “Health update 😌

  1. Lucy, I hope it doesn’t spoil your holiday too much. Why not ask your dad to hire a wheelchair for you if you want to get around. It might feel a little embarrassing to begin with but it’ll keep you mobile. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.


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