Flying home today! 

I’ve had such a lovely time here, apart from coughing and feeling like a zombie! But I can’t wait to get home and start to feel better.  Hopefully try something new also as my health doesn’t seem to be going in the right direction! Apart from the doom and gloom, I’ve read two books this holiday that are amazing! The Author is called Cecelia Ahern and she is amazing! I’ve read pretty much all her books and she’s such a good writer! I absolutely love reading, it really helps me when I’m coughing my lungs out and need to get my mind off it. Anyway, I hope the next holiday I go on I will be in much better health! It’s not exactly nice having stares thrown your way when your coughing and trying to not cough! But, I always think to myself, why let them bother you? They don’t know you, why give them your time of day and worry? Or just stare back which is also a good option! Just think of the positive of what your cough is doing, and it’s helping move all the rubbish from your lungs! They don’t need to know your life story. I’m going to be writing a blog post tommorow about mental health also which might help and you can also get to know me better! L x 

#cysticfibrosis #cf #mentalhealth #chronicillness #cysticfibrosisfighter 

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