Cystic fibrosis and me

I thought i would make a post about how my cystic fibrosis has affected me physically and mentally. Its important to know that everyone with CF or a chronic illness is affected differently and not every story is the same! So, growing up was actually probably the best years with my cystic fibrosis. I had very few hospital admissions and only had a course of IV antibiotics once a year or even less! From a young age i never let it bother me and i had a normal childhood with it! But sadly, as i went through to high school, it started declining. I was not wanting to take my pills, do my physio,exercise anything! I hardly took my insulin and pretended i took it. Its important i share this i think as many young people with CF do not want to bother with their treatment or pills, and i think if i can try and make a difference to anyone who feels like this, they wont regret it when they are older! Anyway, i think i was taking probably two pills per day, when i should of been taking at least 15/20. Honestly, i regret this so much, i always think that if i could go back and change what i did, i really would. It has affected me quite badly i think due to getting chronic chest infections every other month. I never took anything at school because i didn’t want them to think i was different or anything. I became very depressed when i was fourteen, and that made it a hundred times worse. My old CF team even said i might have to have a lung transplant when i was 18. I literally couldn’t get up, everyday felt like a struggle and i just didn’t want to do anything at all.  Luckily, my life changed.. sort of. When i turned seventeen i just really wanted to sort my health and mental health out. I started on antidepressants and started speaking with my Adult CF team more. I had a lot of support from my family and my boyfriend. I started making charts every week to show what i needed to do and i slowly started taking my pills everyday again. I am not going to lie and say its not a struggle anymore, when it sometimes still is. But i am trying to look at the positives more than the negatives. I do my physio most days now, and i have started doing walking once a day (when i am not poorly!) I know i am not fully 100% yet, but i know i am getting there slowly.  I also have my hospital appointment tomorrow which i am not looking forward too! I think i will have a hospital admission this week, but if it gets me better and back on track, i am all for it! I would really like to start helping young people with CF or any chronic illness who struggle with daily treatment or have any other problems or worries! If you know anyone or even if its you, please get in touch and i will try my hardest to help! REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! L x

2 thoughts on “Cystic fibrosis and me

  1. Hi Lucy, just want to say how lovely your blog is and how good it is that you’re helping people who suffer like you do. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow and I hope you feel better soon☺ stay positive! Xx


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