Cystic Fibrosis diabetes

I thought i would post about my diabetes side of things. Well, i was diagnosed when i was 11. I went to the doctors super thirsty and tired, and back then i didn’t know the signs for diabetes! They tested my blood sugar and it was…50. It was the highest the doctor had ever seen. I was also severely dehydrated and i was put on to the CF ward that night. I had a canula fitted for saline,IV line for antibiotics and a blood pressure monitor on my leg constantly. I think its fair to say i wasn’t a happy girl at the time! It took me years to get my sugars right since then, i still haven’t got them 100%! Through my teenage years i was terrible at testing them and taking insulin. My insulin would hurt so bad as i lost so much weight on my body, so when i injected it went into muscle. Gross i know. I would just avoid taking it and just ignore testing my sugars. That honestly for me was worse than deciding on not to do physio back then, as all the bacteria was just making my chest so much worse. I have started to take control of it again, but finding it hard not too have food with ought insulin! I have also recently come across this device from the diabetic company Freestyle. Its a monitor that sits on your skin and you test your sugars from the scanner provided! I have only just attached my first monitor, but it did not hurt one bit fitting it! It lasts up to 2 weeks and you then replace it with a new one. I will keep you updated on how it all goes. I think having CF related diabetes is something that seriously sucks to have, as well as CF! But i always try to look at the positive, even if i do sometimes remind myself as a pin cushion! I really hope this scanner works for me, as i seem to forget to test my blood sugar most times. But yes! That is enough from this pin cushion today. L x

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