Hospital appointment update… 

It was one of my best so far! My lung function and weight have gone up, which is amazing. Especially my lung function going back up to high 60s. I was really pleased with it all, just have to try and keep it all up! I have also got back into doing my physio therapy everyday, which is really good for my chest. I think when you have a good hospital appointment, it also makes you feel better mentally. You feel better in yourself after seeing all the hard work you’ve done, especially if the last appointment wasn’t as good! My next appointment is in 5 weeks time, so i am going to basically do everything i can to keep it up. I really need to be super duper well for DISNEY WORLD in 3 weeks, as i wasn’t very well last holiday. Which was so frustrating! I absolutely love Disney, i have always been such a fan growing up, especially watching a Disney film whilst doing IV antibiotics. I will keep you all updated soon! L x

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