Health update and more!

So recently i have been super well! I have been able to go on more walks with my dogs, and get out a bit more. But, too good to be true! I have started with a cough again and a bad sore throat. It drains me feeling unwell, both mentally and physically. I always try to look at the good side of things, but sometimes its hard when you have tried your very best at keeping well. Reading books has helped take my mind off it, and whilst coughing my lungs up! Here are some of the things that i have noticed that help when i am feeling poorly or down with feeling poorly!

  1. Reading – reading is my favorite thing to do, I read at least 3 books per week, and it really helps me when i feel depressed.
  2. Colouring books – I have always found colouring super therapeutic, It takes my mind off coughing and helps settle my mind on something else.
  3. Cup of tea with honey! – This helps my throat so much when im doing nothing but coughing! It really helps soothe my throat and also its pretty nice to have.
  4. Disney films – I have a terrible addiction to Disney films, they have seemed to always help me get through things and its such a joy to watch also!
  5. Having a bubble bath – This helps me both physically and mentally. It really helps my chest and i find that it calms me down from coughing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    There are obviously so much more things, i would love to hear what helps you all during a rough patch! L x

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