“But you don’t look ill”

I think anyone with a chronic illness can relate to this line so much. I have always been told this during my high school years and many times after. It’s a sentence that really bothers others and others it doesn’t. I guess in some ways you could take it as a compliment that you don’t look unwell or sick. But in other ways its disrespectful and just rude. Like when I use my blue badge, and I use it for when I’m mostly poorly or severely poorly, I always get glances and stares. Even the comment to who the person is with. And it makes me feel so ashamed and so annoyed to feel like that when actually, I can’t help it, and if I need to use it, I will use it. It’s terrible that people are still thinking all illnesses have to be on the outside so people can believe that they are poorly or have a illness. It’s also annoying when people look at me on the plane, as I have oxygen all the way.  People just look over and always stare. And I always think, what makes it right that you can fully stare or fully judge me? Nonthing! I had to rant about this as everytime I use my blue badge or anything like that. It makes me feel ashamed at myself. When in reality, the person who should be ashamed is the one who is judging before even knowing. Anyway, rant over. L x 

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