Its been a while..

So for the past few months i haven’t been able to write a post. In August i was in hospital for 15 days, and it was so frustrating for me as i wasn’t feeling any better.Finally i got back on my feet, but only with my physical health, not mentally. Whilst i was in hospital i had my happy pills (antidepressant pills) dosage upped, and i am still on a high dosage. I call them happy pills as its more depressing calling them antidepressants!  I got home and i didn’t have the energy to do anything at all, all i wanted to do was sleep or sit on the sofa. I tried so hard to do anything but nothing seemed to help, i didn’t want my mental affecting my physical health more than it has, so i tried and tried. I finally started going on a walk everyday, which made a difference day by day! I enjoyed seeing the dogs playing and also not thinking any worries. So here i am now, October and i haven’t had IVs since early September! That is a big achievement for me as it was every 2/3 weeks. October is actually one of my favorite months as i am in love with Halloween, like i am obsessed! I will be blogging a lot more now and hopefully IVs wont be happening anytime soon! L x

#cysticfibrosis #chronicillness #CF #diabetes #65roses #cysticfibrosissucks #chronic #blogger

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