Its been a while since i last posted! Everything has just gone so quickly and my physio and treatment take up so much time of my days. I haven’t had a hospital visit since August, which i am very proud of myself for, plus i haven’t had IV antibiotics since early November, which is also a massive thing for me! Winter is normally the worse time of year for me as there is flu and colds around, which is why i have my vaccination every year for flu. It makes me feel rubbish for a couple of days though! I am so excited to be going to Florida on boxing day! The walking helps so much for my chest, plus its also fun to think that I’m not doing exercise. Im hoping this New year that my hospital admissions will be far less than this year, and hopefully not a lot of IVS either. Im going to try and do more exercise this year also, which is so hard for me considering i have arthritis in my knees! I will be posting more on my holiday and hopefully before Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a lovely happy new year! L x

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