Goodbye port, hello new port….

Today was supposed to be a normal day. I was meant to go to St James to start my 2 week course of IV antibiotics, sadly that didn’t happen! As they put the needle in the port, it wouldn’t flush, it just wouldn’t do anything at all. I just thought it might be the needle itself, but as they tried a new needle, sadly that one didn’t work either. As they tried to flush the line with Heparin, it just started to balloon at the end of my line up on my neck, gross I know. I felt an intense pain in my neck and was beginning to worry! The swelling went down finally and I had the needle taken out. I was worried it might be a blood clot or it had a breakage in the line itself! I honestly felt very scared and frightened it might have come loose in my neck. I had an ultrasound and X-ray and they showed up normal, which was a massive relief! The problem was at the end of the line, it had moved over time and became stuck in a weird position. It was such a relief but still scary as to why it ballooned up! I will be getting a call tomorrow from the hospital to see when I can come in and have my new port fitted, and start IVs straight away. It was a weird day thinking I would be home before 6 with my normal port, but it didn’t work that way today! At least I get to have my brand new shiny port soon! L x

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