Mental health with cystic fibrosis

As it’s cystic fibrosis awareness month, I will be sharing my personal stories and experiences with having this disease and the impact mentally for me and other cf’ers!

With having any chronic illness or any other type of illness, there’s going to be some bad and some good days. Many days are still bad but you managed to do something that makes you feel happy. I was around 13/14 when I started to feel more bad days than good. I stopped taking my medicines, stopped my physio, didn’t do anything for my cf. I hated it and just wanted it to go away. I would stay in bed till late afternoon and would just feel exhausted. I felt so different to my friends at the time that I just stayed at home and didn’t want to leave the house. Fast forward to around 16, I started seeing a psychologist. It was such a huge relief and weight off my shoulders telling this individual my feelings and letting go everything I had bottled up for almost 5 years. It helped me mentally get back on top of my meds, and I started to do physio. My depression started when I was 13, and it hasn’t got better, but I have learnt to handle it and to try and see past the bad days to the good. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to admit you might need a little guidance. I did and I don’t know what I would be like now if I didn’t. Mental health has always being a bit part of my life growing up, and i hope it will get better as I grow. Please, don’t be afraid to speak. L x

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