Little tips to help with anxiety and depression

I recently have started seeing a psychiatrist again, and it has honestly helped me a lot already. Maybe one day I can be as confident in real life as I am on the internet! So here are my little tips to help with the bad days, or panic attacks or anything that will make you smile!

1. When I have a bad day, I know the best thing for me to do is to do something. Not sit and think about it, or it gets worse. I normally colour, adult colouring books you can get anywhere now, I love the mindfulness ones the most. It’s nice to kind of not think of anything as escape to a little reality for a bit.

2. Escape into a new series or movie series, it’s nice to relax and not think about anything else. I love getting into a new series!

3. Writing! I love writing everything and anything, when I have bad thoughts or when I know I will have a anxiety attack, I write down whatever my mind is thinking. It can be about anything and it takes your mind away from the moment. It helps physically writing it down also. I also have a notebook especially for it, so decorate one and make it special to you.

4. Fidget cubes! These are especially handy if your out and about and can’t exactly write. There small and they are pretty handy.

5. If I’m also in public, I have a mobile app called Be okay, and it helps with panic attacks. There’s loads of different apps to help with mental health, and ones that I’ve tried are really good!

6. Talking. It might seem hard, but it really does help. I try and talk to my fiancĂ© when I feel bad or feel like I’m going to have a anxiety attack. Taking to whoever helps. And knowing they will listen and help is even better.

7. Photos! Having an album on your phone or computer is really good. Everything that makes you happy and calm, like photos of friends, family, pets, holidays, food! Anything.

8. Reading! This is especially good if your having a bad day. I love reading adventure and mystery books, and that always keeps me interested. Having a book can really help take your mind away from things.

So they are some little tips and advice on how to handle certain things! I hope you enjoyed reading! I’m always here if anybody wants to chat also!

I also would like to say I’m starting IV antibiotics tomorrow, which is a pain for my arm, but hopefully I will start to pick up in time for Florida! And get a goodnight sleep! L x

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