A month update and more..

Its has been very busy this past month. I went to Florida on the 19th of June, Which was amazing! I love it there and i wish i could never go home. I feel so happy and healthy there, i was also doing 20,000 steps per day. It was a bit of a struggle at the end as i stared coming down with a virus, but i got a wheelchair for the last two days. Which it super good for me as before i was using a wheelchair every day nearly. Before i went to Florida, i was feeling a little poorly again, but i picked up on the last day before i flew out! I have also been keeping up with the exercise every day also, the best thing i have found to do is to make it not seem like exercise, and to make it fun! Like swimming, or going on adventure walks with dogs. Anything is worth a try and i had to go through a lot of different exercises to find one i enjoyed. The key thing to do is to keep thinking its for your own health,body and mind. It also helps with depression, and as i have depression, i have found it has helped. Especially when i, having fun and taking photographs. I have recently found a new hobby which i love, photography! I loved taking photos on holiday and also on the walks i go on. It really helps to have something to do with isn’t related to Cystic Fibrosis. I think its important to have a hobby or something to get your mind off any illness, as sometimes i think i can become to much and stressful. Even if its sitting and watching Netflix! Which i think everyone likes to do. I will be posting photos soon on here and i really want to start taking more photos of my Cf and diabetic life. If anyone would like to get in touch about anything including finding a right exercise or hobby, i would be happy to help! I also recently found out that one of my closest CF friends has recently passed away. He was such a inspiration to me and how he dealt with things and got on with them. He always called us both ‘hospital buddies’ as we were both in at the exact times (nearly!) I will miss him terribly and i could not believe it when i found out. Breathe easy Adam, i will miss you and i will never forget the funny times we had.

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