Hospital appointment update!

So on Monday this week i had my cf appointment! I was really nervous as i thought i had to go into hospital for a week or more. I was also feeling rubbish and just wanted to get better! I didn’t have such a good holiday due to coughing so much and i hardly went in the pool because i was coughing so much! So my lung function has dropped from the 4th may, it was 49% but now its 45%. I was super disappointed because i tried so hard! My weight stayed the same which is good. I also found out that on the 4th may i did a cough swab and grew a infection, which i wasn’t treating with the right medicine all holiday! I was so relived that i found out why i wasn’t getting better on oral antibiotics. So i have started on a new pill for two weeks twice a day, and also upped my Flucloxacillin. I am starting to feel better finally and i can now get ready for DISNEY WORLD in 5 weeks time! I also have some other good news! I have a new baby pygmy hedgehog, called Tallulah, shes adorable and is great company. I haven’t introduced her to my dogs yet, but that shall be fun! So finally, i am starting to feel better and hopefully i will be 100% for Disney! I just want to thank Jamie and my parents, for really helping me when i am poorly, and especially having to give up their time whilst on holiday! It means a lot to me and i cant thank you enough! L x

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